Sunday, April 27, 2008

April was a crazy month.
Windswept Winery had some wind damage, so that took time to repair, but it is more beautiful and better than ever!

A Parkinson's Research Wine Tasting featuring Windswept Winery wines in Wichita was a thrill for us to be associated with and one of the highlights of the month. A toast to finding the cure!Thanks to Dorothy Roush for getting us involved.

Windswept Winery re-landscaped the patio area, and a great big THANKS! to the Queen-mother of the Winery, Betty Storey, for the designing and a lot of hard work!

Tyson and Kendra's Most Excellent Wedding occured on April 26th.
What a special couple setting out on their journey together! We had a wonderful time hosting their patio wedding and Panache room reception. Mother nature cooperated with the event; and it was beautiful. Our congratulations to the happy couple!