Thursday, October 30, 2008


The first killing frost settled over the vineyards last Tuesday, October 26. While according to normal averages, it came late; it seems to me that it comes earlier every year.
The vines have already lost their leaves, and they always look so cold and forlorn...but they are only resting after their hard work of growing wine.
We have a bunch of bottling to do, Rustling Leaves Red, Land Rush Red, dry and sweet, and some blush and Leaning Tree Red...what a fun time.
The concord will be ready to bottle in a week or so, YUMMY! And it looks to be awesome. Then the apple juice will be ready at Spear's orchard near Arkansas City in another couple of weeks, according to Mrs. Spears when we talked on the phone this morning. We are ready to start making the fun Apple Wine.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Outlet Improvements

We worked on the outlet with the kind assistance of TonyEastman at Bair's Glass, right next door to the Windswept Winery Outlet in Winfield, and got the window replaced and re-decorated to match the south one.
It looks so much cleaner and more presentable. Now we have to get the upstairs windows replaced and the old building will really have a new persona. We are really excited with the improvements, both for Winfield and for Windswept Winery.
And wouldn't a picture be grand? Once we have the upstairs windows in...I promise you a new one.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bottling one of the the Medal winners

2008 Award Winning Kansas Wine now available. One of the joys of winemaking is bottling the wine. And Kansas Wine making is no different in this regard.
This is a very pleasant task when the wine has won a medal, and is a joy to, um, sample, while you work. Such was the case Monday when Randy, Mom Storey, and I bottled our Leaning Tree White dry white wine.

The Leaning Tree is our signature wine series, and is named after a wind driven tree on the south east side of Winfield city lake, incidentally. But I digress.
So as we are sipping the wine some bottling occurs, or vice-versa. It so happens that the Leaning Tree White wine was honored this year by one of the precious Kansas People's Choice medals from the Kansas State Fair, and we are grateful for the recognition. Thanks to the People of Kansas for voting for us for this gem.
We had slipped enough out of the tank for the competition, and now it is available to the public in the tasting rooms until the supply runs out. (How about that? The first time I got to refer to the tasting "rooms" in the plural!)
Light, Dry, and lovely, the Leaning Tree White will enhance a fish or chicken dish, as a traditional pairing. I like it with a Cobb salad. Hurry and get some, before it is gone, because as with any small winery, when it's gone, it's gone.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Awards for Windswept Winery

In an abundance of busy-ness I have failed to keep the blog up to date on one very important detail for Windswept Winery. We are thrilled to announce that the People's Choice Awards have bestowed TWO more medals for Windswept Winery's marvelous Wines. Thanks so much to the people who love our wines!
To recap: The Blushing Beauty a semi-sweet delicate blush and the Leaning Tree White a delightful dry white were the two wines we selected to enter this year for Kansan's evaluation, and both were awarded medals.
Thanks again, to the people of Kansas we will keep working hard for you!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


What a tremendous morning. Cool but not cold, brisk refreshing, WOW!
We have a few leaves turning that absolutely impossible shade of red that wine grapes can turn, and they are amazing. I will try to get some pictures.
And have you noticed the days are a little bit shorter now? Fall is upon us, and it looks lovely.
The grapes are all picked, and the wonderful Windswept Wines are being made, time to do some bottling and make some plans for next year...
It is a terrific time of year for a good bunch of friends to gather and enjoy a great glass of wine!
A lot of new merchandise for the gift shop is on it's way and it is going to be fun shopping this year at Windswept. Remember, Christmas is 12 weeks away. Don't delay, get your shopping done today.