Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sleet and ice and snow, oh my

What a difference a week makes. It was warm and sunny last week...nearly 60, and today it looks like a frozen wasteland. I can guarantee there will be no pruning of the vines today!
Just under three weeks to the Windswept Winery Valentines Evening at the Winery...a 6 course Gourmet Dinner, make your reservations now!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Valentines' Gourmet Winemakers Dinner and jump started pruning

The Wine Makers' Dinner is happening again for you this year on Valentine's Day at Windswept Winery. Featuring a 6 course Gourmet Meal paired with wonderful Windswept Winery Wines! This year, it turns out that Valentines Day is on Saturday Night, so be sure to mark your calendars and make your reservations soon for a fabulous event...this is a very limited seating event, so don't delay. When we are full, we will shut down the reservations. I will have the menu out here in the next few days. And it will be posted on the website.

Wednesday and Thursday this week were fabulous: warm, not windy, wonderful. So I headed to the vineyard, and did some assessments and began pruning one of the hardiest varieties. It is too early to prune, and I do not recommend you do this yourself. We really should wait until mid to late February. I may be sorry, but just needed to get out there. With snow and ice predicted for early next week, it may be a while before I can work on that again.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Kansas Grape Growers Annual Meeting KGGWA

This weekend, my husband, Randy, and I attended the Kansas Grape Growers and Winemakers Annual meeting, held in Emporia this year. Randy was President of the organization in 2008, and we had a marvelous time at the event.
Some of the highlights were: The amateur winemakers' competition; this year 72 wines were in competition. The KGGWA does award actual metal neck-hanger medals in bronze silver, and gold. John Oswald, of the KGGWA worked very hard on this event and it was very well run and very well attended. Terry Turner also provided a lot of hard work for the hard workering amateur winemakers. Contact Randy or Rebecca Storey at Windswept Winery, and plan to enter your fabulous wines in the 2009 competition...or go to www.kansasgrapesandwines.com and see the rules and forms for this year. 2009 forms will be posted there, when they are available, as well.
The conference speakers this year were a stellar bunch: Dr. Bruce Reisch from Cornell in New York, Dr. Keith Streigler from the University of Missouri, Andy Allen from the University of Missouri, and Doug Moorhead from Presque Isle in Michigan, provided some of the highlights, along with Rebecca Ford-Lampoor from Missouri, Susie Pryor, Pat Murphy (KSU) and George Blush. The Kansas Alcoholic Beverage Control division also sent a host of personnel to answer questions on Winery rules and regulations. Hats off to Joanne Kuhlman and Terry Turner for a fabulous conference, and the gourmet meal that followed paired with fabulous Kansas Wines was a true treat.
This conference gave everyone new insights, and charged us up for another fabulous year in Kansas wines.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Celebrating Christmas
Our granddaughter, grandnephews and grandnieces helped us celebrate Christmas....can't help but show you the girls' precious picture... Thanks to our niece, Amber, for sending them.

Isn't it amazing how fast the New Year comes?
We have wonderful news, the long anticipated Apple Wine is now started in the Winery. It will be our first wine of 2009, and is finally underway. How exciting, and I can't wait. We are looking forward to a wonderful 2009.