Thursday, March 26, 2009

Winter Returns

A major winter storm is bearing down on us, and I need to be in the vineyard pruning. Oh, well! Late winter storms have a serious advantage of usually not lasting very long. Additionally, we could use the moisture on the grapes.
Unlike the great Easter Freeze of 2007, the grapes are not budded, although the buds are swelling. Hopefully, the damage will be minimal, and the temperatures will stay above 30F. We can only hope for a coating of ice on them, before any colder temperatures or that the snow is 'sticky' enough to give them some cover if it goes below that temperature.
Maybe, just maybe I can get some pictures, that would be fun?

Time to mull some wine and watch the white stuff fall! Cheers

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March Already?

We have been knee deep in trying to prune the vineyards, and the weather is not cooperating. It has been warm during the week and cold on the weekends. Then lots of plants started to bud and blossom, including the forsythia, the hyacinth, the pear trees, and the peach trees.
I brought in a pear blossom, so I could enjoy it, because it was not going to survive the cold, because mother nature fooled them all. Last night we had 20 degrees, with the forecast that the temperature will barely claw it's way above freeze for the next few days.
This weekend is supposed to be warmer, so maybe we can work on the pruning again, then.
Maybe we can get some pictures or a 'before' and 'after' pruned vine.
Until then, bundle up, and have a wonderful glass of Windswept Winery Wine!