Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bottling underway

We bottled wine this weekend and on Monday! Special thanks to Annetta for lending us a hand yesterday...
The Landrush Red Dry is now securely bottled. It is a wonderful wine, made from the Chambourcin grape. This is the 2006 vintage, and we are blown away by it's natural smoky overtone. Nice rich black cherry notes, a fruity aroma....one taste and you can see why this French American hybrid has achieved acceptance in France's own Loire region. Grown, tended picked and fermented in our Estate Vineyards.

And for all you sweet wine lovers...we also bottled the sweet Rustling Leaves Red.....mmm...it is a mouthful of grapes in every sip. Lovely, easy to drink, not very complicated and very flavorful.

Next weekend we plan to bottle another sweet, the Landrush Red sweet, and then we should be almost ready for the Blushing Beauty and the sweet Whispering Wind White featuring the Vignoles grape. Our plan is: By the time we see December, you can find these at the Main Winery and at the Outlet.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Getting Ready to Bottle

It is the time of year for bottling. Heavenly reds, wonderful whites...ohh what a terrific time. Bottling is the most fun of any step in the Winery, because every step or station is easy. We bought a new pneumatic corker a couple of years ago, and I love that thing.
The corker just pushes the cork in while you press two buttons...so easy!
Bottling involves a little assessment of quality, while the bottling is underway, just not too much, otherwise who knows how the labels and capsules will look ;-).
If I remember at the right time, I will try to get pictures of bottling, wouldn't that be cool?
We have three wines ready to bottle, another that will be ready in about two weeks, and another maybe a week after that. Thanksgiving is going to look like full shelves for the Winery! Except for the apple wine...it will be a while longer. We still are waiting for the Apple wine to be made and ready to go. We are still holding out hope for Christmas.